About us


Who Are We?

Lesco Montessori School was established in September 1995. The school’s founder has an AMI Montessori background and many years of experience working with children. Our school has a great reputation in our neighborhood. The teachers are fully qualified and have years of experience working with children. They are passionate about teaching and dedicated to the Montessori philosophy. They are nurturing, caring, and work hard to maintain good rapport with both children and parents.

What Do We Focus on?

At Lesco Montessori School, our teachers are motivated and determined to make learning an enriching experience and see to your child’s full creative and intellectual potential. To this end, we focus on a wide range of opportunities that foster the growth of the child’s emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs and allows for the individual’s own constructive self-development.

LMS Team
Welcome to the Highly Praised, Lesco Montessori School!

Mission Statement

Lesco Montessori School’s (LMS) mission is to provide the highest quality nurturing and safe environment in order to promote each child’s physical, emotional, social, and academic development based on their own needs and potential. We strive continuously to improve our programs and to develope innovative ways of serving both our students and community.

Our philosophy

The goal at Lesco Montessori school is to ensure that your child receives the best and highest quality learning experience before they head off to kindergarten. We focus on the needs of the child as a central tenet of the Montessori method is valuing the uniqueness and individuality of each child. We offer an inclusive, warm, safe, and developmentally appropriate classroom for all.

Where are We Located?

You can find us at 12720 Cameron Drive, Richmond BC V6V 2T6, Canada. We are quite proud of our school’s spacious layout—both indoors and out! Come visit to see for yourself.

Our Educators

Ms. Lily W. – Principle & Montessori Educator Ms. Christine C. – Manager & Montessori Educator Ms. Sunny L. – Montessori Educator

Our Testimonials

Always have something nice to say about us
Heidi L H Kwok

My daughter and son went to Lesco Montessori. It is a great school. The teachers are knowledgeable, caring and patience. My kids learned there how to be friendly working and sharing with others. They developed various skills and got a good foundation in learning. I still remembered that my kids always smiled when I picked them up from school, showing that they enjoyed school and had satisfaction learning there.
Erica Ng

My two kids started to attend at Lesco Montessori since they were 2.5-3 years. We were introduced and referred to Lesco by Montessori Academy in Vancouver. My daughters graduated two years ago and she now continues her montessori education as a grade one student at Vancouver Montessori School. During her attendance at Lesco, she built her confidence and various fundamental skills, benefits her greatly when she is now transitioned to grade one. We were so impressed to see how she is managing herself, such as doing her own buttons, tying her shoe lances, when she was at very young age at Lesco. Lesco also helped her to expand her academic skills. She was able to do basic maths when she left Lesco, and her learning in phonics enables her to read on her own in such a young age. Similar happens with my son, Matteus, who has built a strong interest of Math with lots of help from the great teachers at Lesco. From social skill perspective, both of my kids the teachers and friends at Lesco. Mrs. Chow and Miss Lin at school are patient and passionate, and we are grateful that we had chosen Lesco Montessori.
Kessa Cole McGowan

I don’t remember much but looking back at videos I looked like a pretty happy child as well as how my parents, aunts and uncles talk about how well behaved I was everytime they picked me up. I do remember that the teachers were extremely patient, got everyone involved, helped us build a strong confident foundation and knew how to teach us the right way to do things in a positive calm manor. The environment allowed great amount of learning and creative experience. They provided special events giving us opportunity to experience new things as well as a scheduled routine. A great positive community! We made friends there that we are still close friends with today. I also remember when being picked up not wanting to leave.
Gim Fung & Steve Yuan

We are grateful for the loving care our son receives at Lesco Montessori School. The teachers look at him as an individual, with his own strengths, needs and has been blessed with teachers who understand his challenges. As parents, we love seeing our son progress through the last two years. We know our son is in great hands. Thank you to all of the great staff!
Alexander Bryce

My son went to preschool here. They do a great job. He learned a lot and enjoyed his time there.