Lily Wu


Ms. Lily Wu

Principle & Montessori Educator

Lily holds a registered nurse license from China, Montessori credentials from the American Montessori Society, an early childhood education license, Mandarin teaching certificate, and childcare first aid certificate. Lily is not only a nurse and Montessori educator, but also a mother of 3 children or her own, ranging in ages from 2 to 13. All these years of teaching and work experience and children of her own have allowed her to develop innovative approaches to support and educate children.

Lily is always passionate about extracurricular activities for children. She strongly believes that for well-rounded growth, children (and adults!) should not only have a proper education in the classroom, but plenty of extracurricular activities outside of it, such as volunteer work, musical choir, art, and sports. Lily practices what she preaches and is involved with many non-profit organizations as a volunteer. In 2015, Lily represented all parents when she went on tour in Japan with the children of the Richmond Choir. As the principle of Lesco Montessori School, Lily will continue to innovate the school’s programs and try her utmost to create a better place for all the children of the community.